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New to Church

Welcome to Everyday Church Online, we are so glad that you have found us and we want to help you find your place among us as Everyday People with an Extraordinary God. Have a look around and join in the Online Church Service or join us on social media.


How can we pray for you today? Just click on the red “Request Prayer” button at the top of the page and when the form appears, just let us know your name, prayer request and then submit. It will go to a confidential Prayer Team that will pray for you this week.

Life Groups

Life Groups are a place where people can experience the same friendship, care and coaching that Jesus provided for his initial group of twelve disciples. Meeting in homes, in coffee shops or online, each Life Group gathers somewhere between 8 and 12 people.

Join a Team

Everything that happens at Everyday Church is made possible by TEAM. Welcoming, hosting an Online Service, Life Groups, social media, and so much more. We are a community where everyone serves somewhere, so that no one is trying to serve everywhere.

Everyday Devotions

Make sure you check out our Everyday Devotions daily Bible readings and Prayer pathways designed to help you go deeper with God each day in response to what we heard at the Everyday Church services and Life Group gatherings during our "5 Habits of a Healthy Christian" series.

Sermon Message Notes

You can view, edit, print and email the sermon message notes for this weeks Online Church Service by clicking on the grey “Notes” tab. They are the notes from the preacher of this week’s Online Church Service and covers all the Bible verses mentioned and quotes.

Online Bible

The YouVersion Online Bible can be found by clicking on the grey “Bible” tab. It contains over 1,300 translations and versions of the Bible, in over 1,000 languages. So no matter which country or background you are from it will help you read God’s Word in the language of your heart.


Everything that happens through Everyday Church is only possible because of your generosity. Our Online Services, Life Groups, church planting, church partnerships and many more are supported. Thank you for enabling us to demonstrate God’s love in our community, our nation and worldwide.

Our Story


Everyday Church Online

Both young and old

Everyday Church Online is both very new and very old. It’s new because we only started to gather our online congregation in September 2015. It’s old because the online congregation was planted out of Everyday Church London, a Christian community whose history stretches back well over 200 years and which was birthed out of two great revivals that swept through London. Our Kingston congregation was founded in 1790 by a group of people who had been converted through John Wesley. Our Wimbledon congregation was founded in 1872 by Charles Spurgeon, who was widely regarded as the most powerful Gospel preacher in Victorian London. We have therefore been loving Jesus and living his mission together across London for more than two centuries. But despite our great history, we are convinced the greatest move of God is yet to come for us as we gather people from all across the world to Everyday Church Online. We are called Everyday Church because we are a church of normal, everyday people who want to learn how to follow Jesus together every day. We are both ordinary and radical, because we are being changed by the extraordinary power of God.

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